Flaxseed Egg

Flaxseed Egg

Baking without eggs is really challenging, but Flaxseed eggs can replace them in baked goods. I only use them if the recipe only calls for one or two eggs. I haven’t tried replacing three or more eggs with flaxseeds in a recipe. More than three would definitely make a gooey end result. Perhaps you like spoon bread? LOL!

Use this recipe to bake without eggs! And of course there’s a bonus! Flaxseeds are a super food, chock full of Omega-3 brain boosting, immune boosting, antinflammatory oil. One serving of flaxseed meal contains 1800 mg. of omega-3! That’s 50% of the oil in flaxseeds! They are also high in fiber and antioxidant Lignans. Food is medicine!

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