Power Packed Potato Salad (Egg free)

Power Packed Potato Salad (Egg free)

Ok, so, potatoes have really gotten a bad rap with low carbs dieters, but the truth is they are full of health benefits.  They are a low acid food with lots of antioxidant power. They are higher in potassium than bananas. A banana has nine percent of your daily needs, a baked regular potato has twice as much—20 percent—and a sweet one has 12 percent.
They also have a lot of vitamin B6 and Manganese, which helps strengthen bones. B6 is essential for more than 100 enzymic reactions that, among other roles, are critical in creating red blood cells and certain chemicals in our nervous system. Be careful not to boil your potatoes because boiling them causes the nutrients to leach out into the water. Baking or steaming them keeps the nutrients intact.
You will need this recipe to make the avocado mayo.

Read more at The World’s Healthiest Foods website.

With that in mind I created this recipe to be higher in protein and fiber so I could use it as a main course for lunch or a super food side dish. Enjoy!

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