Gluten Free personal care products.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that gluten is in a ton of food, but did you know it’s in most make-up, hair care and skin care? Since our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs what we put on it, that means that if you’re sensitive to gluten you also need to use gluten free personal products. When I went gluten free I was still using the same products I had always used. My skin itched and had a lot of redness. It took me a long time to find the right things for me, and if you’re really sensitive it takes a lot of trial and error. A few years ago I HAD to find a skin care product that was gluten, dairy, and soy free. All of those are great thickeners in products. I also wanted something organic and paraben free, without a lot of additives. Here’s a great resource for learning which products are the safest to use, even if you’re not gluten free at  Over the years I’ve tried 11 different products that fall into that category and found that I reacted negatively to all of them except MyChelle, even the ones that are gluten free and organic like Arbonne.   I also itch from chamomile, which is soothing to a lot of folks, so it’s a common ingredient in skin and hair care. Below is a short list of my favorite gluten free products. There are many more, but if you’re super sensitive this might be a good place to start. Also, I have listed the things I have used for my kids.  All of these can be purchased at for much, much cheaper!, except ZuZu Luxe and Whole Foods 365.




Mineral Fusion

Bare Escentuals

ZuZu Luxe


Real Purity

Hair Care:

Hugo Naturals

Desert Essence

Himalaya Herbal

Whole Foods 365 brand

Clearly Natural Essentials

Sea Minerals Shampoo

California Baby (tear free)

Beautiful Curls (for my Ballerina’s EXTREMELY curly and tangled hair. Smells like heaven!)


Desert Essence

Hugo Naturals

California Baby





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