Where to find the best deals on Gluten Free food


As you begin your journey into gluten free living it can be very hard to find all that you need at a decent price. It’s a much more expensive diet, but it’s a necessity and an investment in your future. If you’re a busy person, then going to a lot of stores is a hassle. I’ve found that, across the board, Trader Joe’s has the best prices on the most gluten free foods in one place. I also like that their store brand is non-GMO. Whole Foods is next in line for me because their store brand called 365 is as low as Trader Joe’s. The only thing is, the 365 label doesn’t seem to have as many choices as Trader. Still it’s a good option. WalMart has a great selection of Gluten Free options, as well as, dairy free milks in their fridge at a great price! Their GF dry goods are not as low as Trader Joe’s because they’re name brand. Aldi has a selection of GF foods, but their options are full of sugar. If that’s the only place you shop, then be aware that too much added sugar is a huge problem. I don’t recommend it, but if you have no other choice, then getting the gluten out of your diet is the first step. If you don’t live in an area that has Trader Joe’s, the best option for saving on GF foods is to order from Vitacost.com, Amazon.com, Thrivemarket.com or glutenfreemall.com.  Vitacost has the best prices of all those options and they also have a great selection of supplements and personal care products. Also, when you order $49 or more, shipping is free.  That’s not hard to do when buying gluten free. Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Food-Lion, Kroger, Ingles and most local grocery stores also have Gluten Free sections, but pricier. Healthy Home Market and Earthfare in Charlotte, NC also have a lot of great options, but they are the most costly. If you’re in the Asheville area I recommend  Hopey and Co., aka Amazing Savings.

In a nutshell, here’s my list in order of best prices and most convenience:

Trader Joe’s and Hopey and Co. are number 1
Whole Foods 365 brand
Healthy Home Market
Local Grocery store


If you know of a great place in your area that fits the bill please add it to the comments below to let others know of the other gluten free jewels out there!

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