Vegan Raspberry Pudding Pops

Every kid (and most adults) love popsicles! They are the bomb. Here’s a new one for you to love and it’ll love you back because it’s super low sugar and nutrient packed. What better way to enjoy a dessert that’s actually going to do you a favor, instead of filling you with empty, fattening calories, sugar and possible artificial ingredients that cause ADD, ADHD, irritability and many other ills. Did you know that artificial sweeteners can actually cause weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and cancer?


Girl Eating Ice Cream


Here’s a tidbit about Artificial sweeteners. Food coloring has been suspected of causing behavioral problems in children since the 1970s, and a growing list of new studies show that synthetic dyes cause hyperactivity in sensitive and non-sensitive children. Blue dye number 1 and 2 are linked with cancer in animal tests, while red dye number 3 causes thyroid tumors in rats.  Green dye number 3 is linked to bladder cancer, and yellow dye number 6 is linked to tumors of the kidneys and adrenal glands.

So, the next time you buy popsicles you might want to seriously steer clear of the artificial things. Or just make this one. It’s amazing!!!! I promise! 😛

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