Chocolate Covered Cherry Pudding Pops

This is my daughters favorite popsicle. They all love it!!! The best part is that there’s no added sugar and tons of nutrients. They feel like they’re eating something decadent, but they’re actually feeding their bodies with amazing fuel.
Not only do cashews help to prevent gall stones, but they also help the nervous system, as they are full of minerals. They’re great for your heart and help with weight management.
Chocolate is also great for heart health because it helps lower blood pressure, as long as it isn’t full of dairy and sugar, that is! It is also full of antioxidants, boosts blood flow, and helps brain function, just to name a few of the great benefits of eating dark chocolate.
And cherries are excellent for fighting belly fat, preventing gout and stroke, and they help you sleep.


What a great way to snack! Or have a treat for breakfast! Great taste and body building nutrients! Enjoy!!!

Here’s the link to the Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce I use for this recipe.

Paleo & Gluten-free
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