Lemon Lime Hydration Pops

Ok friends, this is my daughter’s favorite popsicle so far! I’m quite surprised, actually. I know one of them likes lemons, but the other two not as much. Even my little peanut who hates lemons loves this one. The best part is that they are full of super hydrating coconut water. These freezer pops are a great way to refresh and hydrate on a hot summer day. I’ve used coconut water for it’s incredible hydrating benefits, as well as, it’s electrolyte and mineral content. I’m going to have to buy another popsicle mold to keep them filled up this summer!
Did you know that lemons and limes are great for analyzing the body, as well as, for digestion and vitamin C?

*Not all stevia has a great flavor. The brands I recommend are Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Powder and Now Foods brand. Other brands that I’ve tried have more of a bitter aftertaste and yield a not-so-good result.

**The Beef Gelatin is an optional ingredient, but adds thickness to the popsicle along with the many health benefits of beef gelatin. Beef gelatin is great for gut healing, hormone balance, anxiety and insomnia, teeth, skin, hair and nail health, arthritis, aging, and many more super important processes in the body. I put it in this recipe to give us extra nutrition while hydrating and loving every last bite!!!

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