Egg Sensitivity – What does it look like?

Eggs are soooo wonderful unless you’re sensitive to them. We’ve learned the hard way to detect egg sensitivity. If you’ve read my story you know that I was diagnosed with a stool test. However, I didn’t have the money to test my children. For my second born her egg sensitivity came in the form of emotional distress. I didn’t realize that food sensitivity could cause an emotional reaction, but through research I learned that emotional changes can be one of the symptoms. For our daughter after eating eggs she would cry uncontrollably for at least 45 minutes after consuming eggs. It usually came 24 hours later, but sometimes sooner. As she became older she grew out of that reaction. Now when she eats eggs she feels fine, unless she has them several days in a row. If they’re baked in something she can have them every day with no problems. If she eats them scrambled every day then she’ll have a stomach ache.  Our Ballerina also gets a lot of tummy aches from eggs. It’s a tough one to test and a tough one to eliminate, but so worth it!

I also had the emotional reaction, along with insomnia and diarrhea. The symptoms are different for everyone, but don’t be surprised if emotional problems are the main symptom. You aren’t crazy if you eliminate a food for a few weeks to test it out. That’s the best test anyway, because there are many false negatives with food allergy tests.

Here’s some great info on egg sensitivity.

And a quick look at allergies and behavior problems from Livestrong.


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