Help for Asthma, Chronic Lung Issues, Indigestion, Eczema and Depression with Methylfolate and B12.

This is my second post related to MTHFR defects. When I very first learned that I had several MTHFR defects I quickly began researching to find out how to treat this, since my doctor at the time didn’t know what to do. I immediately found by Dr. Ben Lynch. I’ve just listened to a great podcast that one of my favorite health bloggers did with Dr. Ben, Katie Wellness Mama. The podcast was so helpful to furthering my research and understanding of how this genetic defect has affected my family. I know several friends that have asked me about eczema, digestion and depression on a recurring basis. These things are huge in our culture now and Dr. Ben feels that the genetic defects are a big piece of the puzzle. In his research methylfolate and B12 are the keys to wellness from these issues. We’ve been treating our methylation issues for just over a year now and I can say for certain that we have made huge progress. For instance, our middle daughter has suffered from chronic wet coughs for four months out of the year (November through March) since age 2. This past winter she did not have the cough at all. I have also found help for chronic depression and insomnia through methylation supplements. In this podcast you’ll learn how to treat and cure those issues in your family. I hope you find help and when you do, please let me know your testimonies here. I can’t wait to celebrate success with you!

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