Our Journey With Extreme Defiance: A Success Story


For those who have extremely defiant children, this blog is for you. One of our daughters had a terrible time with extreme defiance, sometimes diagnosed by a doctor as Oppositional Defiance. It started at age 3. She went from being angelic to being extremely bad mannered and bad tempered. She would argue me to the point of tears. At first, I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t know how to stop the arguing. She would argue about everything. We used to say she would be a great lawyer because she could argue better than anyone we’d ever met!

We thought it would pass like the terrible two’s, but it didn’t. She didn’t have the terrible two’s at all, so we just thought she was late. As it turned out she had something deeper and more chemical. For years she was completely disobedient. If we asked her to pick up her shoes and put them away she would say,

“No, I don’t want to,” in a very ugly tone and it went on from there. We noticed that when she had dairy within 3 to 24 hours she would have an extreme episode of defiance that made all the other moments seem tame.

For instance, she would display disrespect, at which point we would give a warning for some lost privilege. Then she would do it again and when asked to go to her room or told she was loosing the before mentioned privilege she would completely loose it in tears and screaming. My husband would have to pick her up and take her into her room where she would scream at him at the top of her lungs for a good 30 minutes. After the screaming she would completely calm down and act totally normal. It was like her body had to release something toxic and that’s how it came out. It was very scary to me, especially when she would run away from us in a public place. We once had to look for her for 30 minutes when she ran from us in a parking lot at age 8 because she lost a privilege to go somewhere that she wanted to go.

After much prayer and research I decided to try homeopathy. I found a homeopathic physician to consult with and after a two hour appointment we went home with a constitutional remedy. It was a major turning point for all of us. Within a week of taking the remedy our daughter completely changed. Her mood swings stopped, her defiance stopped and she became compliant and kind. We no longer cringed every time we asked her to do something simple. She would simply do it, kindly. She can eat dairy without having a freak out! She is still sensitive to dairy in that, if she has it regularly it causes ear congestion and dizzy spells, but she can have it occasionally without having an emotional reaction. I don’t believe that anyone should use homeopathy as their only mode of healing and medicine, but in this particular case it was life changing.

If you’re interested in learning more about homeopathy a helpful website is homeopathyforwomen.org. You can also research homeopathic physicians in your area. I recommend someone that specializes in homeopathy and your first appointment should be at least 2 hours so they can properly determine the right remedy for you. Homeopathy is said to have no side effects, but this sensitive mamma is one that can refute that argument. If you’re on the wrong remedy you can indeed have negative side effects, so it’s important that you seek help from either the website I recommended or a specialist. Also, there is nothing spiritual about homeopathy if you’re concerned about that. It’s herbal medicine with a high potency for healing. No voo doo or hokey stuff.

Here is more info on Oppositional Defiance.

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