Blueberry Iced Tea

Blueberry Iced Tea

When I was growing up my mom used to make a version of this drink. She didn’t buy “pop” so this was our favorite drink! Here’s my adapted version sans juice (the way she made it). It’s always a hit at parties and a perfect drink to quench your thirst without all the sugar, calories and artificial ingredients.

For more variety, try your other favorite herb teas with this recipe. BTW, most herb teas contain soy lecithin, which seems totally unnecessary, but it’s in there. So, I’m planning to find more soy free teas. So far the brand I’ve found that is soy free is called Good Earth. Thankfully, we haven’t had any reactions to the soy lecithin in tea, but since most soy in this country is genetically modified, it’s a good idea to find soy free tea. I’ll update this as I learn more. One way around this problem, if you’re concerned is to buy loose leaf tea. You can find good stuff here at

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